Friday 22 September 2017
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What type of tripod you should have and for what?

Photography is one of the amazing hobbies that can help you in changing your prospective of seeing the world. Not only that, nowadays it is one of the great sources of income too. When it comes to photography, one of the important things is to have proper equipments, but instead of spending your money on expensive equipment you can buy different help books that can  make your concept clearer. Also, it’s important to have knowledge about the basic equipments that you are going to need and that can help you in enhancing your photography.

What you should know?

Well, it’s very important to pay little extra attention toward tripods especially for all those people who are interested in wild life related photography as tripod gives you extra support for capturing better quality photos. Camera tripods are one of basic equipments that every photographer should have. It allows you to feel free and click best photos without worrying about blurring images. However, buying tripods can be little hassle filled if you have no idea about what you are going to buy and what you really need to have. There are various types of tripods that are specially design for various specific uses that are available in the market. Here are few basic tripods that you can get:-

  • Mini tripod: if you are looking for something that doesn’t need space then you should buy this one. Mini pod is small as well as light in weight that makes it easy to carry. You can even keep your tripod in your purse or in jeans’ pocket.
  • Compact tripod: it’s one of the great types in tripod that is easily available in the market. Such tripods are large in size and they are light in weight also. You can fold them too.
  • Full length tripod: if tripod’s weight is not your concern then you can choose this one , however it is mostly used for big shooting projects as it gives better results. Also, it can hold heavy cameras with big lens.

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