Friday 22 September 2017
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The Ways Utilize SEO Services

Google has come a long way since its early days as merely a search engine. Over the years they have grown to become a leading force in the technology industry. They have done this by repeatedly finding ways to make our lives easier.

Well, Google has somehow done it again with its latest updates of Google Maps. Now Google maps is the most accurate store locator app. That means no more thick phonebooks. No more aimless wandering around looking for an address for that store you can’t remember the name of. It has never been an easier time to figure out where your going.

They based this application off using seo services tools inside the Google algorithum to determine precise locations in their map system api.

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Google Maps is alrealdy pre-installed on Android phones and can be downloaded for Apple. This app is super easy to use and very convenient. Besides being a store locator, Google Maps has plenty of other convenient features. It will map the quickest route to your destination. Your time to destination will be displayed on the screen. From here users can activate the GPS feature to utilize voice nagivation to guid them to . The best part is that it will do all of this while taking into account the local traffic.

There isn’t really much to learn when it comes to using Google Maps. The easiest way to explain how to use it is to give an example. Let’s say we don’t even know where we want to go, but we know we want to go to a batting cage. All we have to do is open up Google Maps and type batting cage into the store locator search bar at the top of the home screen. As soon as we hit enter, a list of local establishments related to the search will appear. From there just select an establishment and your practically on your way, that simple.

All sorts of helpful information will be listed along with the store, information that is very helpful. Users will be able to see a store’s distance from them. The estimated time of travel depending on their selected mode of transportation.

Options include by walking, by bicycle, or even by public transportation. Google Maps will also give customers access to a business’ overall rating on Google. Of course, you will aslo be able to read customer reviews. Not only can users view photographs of their desired destination but thanks to Google’s high tech satellites, users are able to experience a street corner view of the location. There isn’t another app on the market that is able to offer this service at the same quality.

Another feature which Google has recently introduced into their leading store locator app is the ability to order a driver using either Uber or Lyft. For those who haven’t heard, they are companies in which normal Joes use their own vehiles and drive it as a taxi. These services are super convenient to use and are always faster than traditional taxi and cab companies. For a limited time, Google Maps is offer voucher codes for free rides from their companiess.

Overall Google Maps is one of the best store locator apps available. The added features Google can offer blows the competition out of the water.

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