Friday 22 September 2017
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The Various Delivery Methods of Cannabis

When it comes to getting high, there are multiple ways you can do it. This is great as cannabis can be used by a variety of consumers who all have different consumption preferences. Let’s take a look at the various delivery methods that you can use for cannabis.


This is the most well-known method of consuming weed. There are endless kinds of bongs and pipes that you can use. In fact, you can find many of them at Those who opt for smoking enjoy the taste and are better able to manage their dose of cannabis. The effects of smoking cannabis typically wear off within 20 to 30 minutes, which is much faster than other delivery methods.


If you are new to using cannabis, this may be one of the best ways for you to start. Using a vaporizer tends to be much easier on the lungs and throat as compared to using a bong. This method is very simple to do and the flavor is typically better preserved during the inhalation than with a glass bong. You can use portable oil-filled vaporizer pens when you’re on the go. Or you can opt for a table-top vaporizer when you are at home.


Cannabis-infused edibles are a very popular item. Those who don’t like to smoke or vape can still use cannabis with these tasty treats. As a general rule of thumb, you should dose low and start slow. When eating cannabis-infused foods the effect of the drug can take up to an hour or two to fully kick in.

These highs can be extremely intense and last a long time. Most users stick in between the 10 to 20-milligram dosage range. If you are just trying cannabis-infused edibles for the first time, you should opt for only 5 milligrams.


Topical cannabis can be found in balms and lotions. These are absorbed transdermally to help relieve pain, inflammation, and other symptoms. Topicals are typically prescribed to those looking for the medicinal effects of marijuana. This type of delivery method will not get you high, but it will help with your painful symptoms.

Ingestible Oils

These cannabis concentrates are very common in both capsule and plastic applicator form. They can be eaten directly or you can mix them in with your food and drinks. Ingestible oils may take a while to kick in, but when they do they can be extremely powerful. This delivery method is great for those looking to get high without smoking. Ingestible oils are very easy to manage the dose that you take.


Tinctures are extracts of cannabis compounds that come in liquid form. You simply use the eyedropper to apply the extract underneath your tongue. This is the easiest access to the bloodstream in the body, which means the effects can take hold very quickly. These come in many different flavors and potencies.

As you can see, there are many different ways to consume cannabis. If you are not a fan of the method you are using or you just want to try something new, be sure to give these other delivery methods a shot.

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