Friday 22 September 2017
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The importance of time keeping on employee performance

Nearly every office has a large clock prominently displayed in the employee’s working area, as well as the break room (if there is one). This is not merely a piece of interior decorating. Many studies have proven that employees who are constantly aware of what time it is are more productive. Most workers find time keeping helpful to their work, and understand its importance with regards to their productivity. There is a perception that employees who are constantly kept aware of the time will feel rushed, but this is not the case if these workers are practicing proper time management. Time keeping, along with proper time management, is one of the most effective tools for increasing the productivity of your workforce.

Keeping employees aware of the time

There is a delicate balance between rushing employees and simply keeping them aware of the time. Most employers have found that placing clocks in prominent locations works better than having a manager constantly tell employees what time it is. Also, now that most jobs rely heavily on computers, workers can be kept aware of the time through the display on their computer screen. If there is an important deadlines looming, then managers should remind employees of this deadline as often as they need to, but no more than that. The balance between motivating employees and pressuring them is hard to find, and requires experience and a knowledge of the personalities of the workers.

Meeting a deadline

While a balance between motivating employees and pressuring them should be maintained in everyday working situations, things are a little different when there is a vital deadline a few short hours away. In certain limited situations, it is effective to put a little pressure on employees. Studies have shown that this tactic is highly productive as long as it is used sparingly. If pressure is put on the employees in the long term, productivity will actually be harmed. This pressure should be relieved as soon as the deadline has been met, and employees should be suitably rewarded.

Why managers should recognize the importance of time keeping

Of course, managers must be properly trained in order to effectively lead employees. Many corporations have spent large amounts of money exploring the training of their managers, and many academic studies have been performed on the subject. One of the constant results of all research is that managers must learn to effectively motivate their employees. While managers certainly serve other functions in the corporate structure, such as making high-level decisions, motivating employees is widely considered to be the most important responsibility of those in management. As previously mentioned, keeping employees on time is an important part of this. The training of manager being performed in your company should reflect that if you want to optimize employee productivity in the long term.

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