Friday 22 September 2017
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Secure Your Android Smartphone With The Advanced Antivirus App

Phone Security: Antivirus & Clean is one of the most Trusted Android antivirus software for phone that offers 100% protection. Antivirus & Clean Apps are the most important for your phone for improving the performance of the Operating System and other Software. Phone Securiy: Antivirus & Clean App is the professional and fast App that prevents the spam ads as well as pop-up windows attacked by the Viruses or Malware. With installation of the Antivirus & Clean App in your Smartphone, it is quite convenient to enjoy major benefits of improving the efficiency of the phone to greater extent. With the secure features enabled in the phone, it is quite convenient to enjoy the browsing web, Internet world of travel, enjoy shopping and much more. Of course, it is much more easier to protect your Smartphone from any kind of virus or malware attack in the efficient way. Privacy security is enabled in the process which would be much more easier option to have the high end benefits in the absolute style. Antivirus Engine is completely based on the Cloud Services so that it would be easier for preventing any Virus or Malware attack in your phone. Instant clean of unwanted files from the phone is also enabled.

Features Of Phone Security:

As a genuinely App for latest Android platform, Phone Security – Antivirus & Clean brings you the wide impressive range of the tools to your phone. With enabling the high end antivirus protection, the App completely scans your phone and offers the complete details with the web shield for scanning the URLs for malware. High end Security Apps brings you the ultimate features for securing your phone:

  • Scan virus
  • Tests mobile phone status
  • Intimate sense of security
  • Memory clean
  • Clear the useless background applications
  • Locks others applications with AppLock
  • Complete protection of your privacy
  • Send private photos in PhotoVault
  • Stealth browsing mode
  • Monitor and Optimize battery
  • Kill tasks that slow down your device
  • Monitor storage and data package usage
  • Scan Wi-Fi networks

Phone Security – Antivirus & Clean automatically defends against any kind of malicious Apps, Malware, Viruses as well as Spyware. The App would automatically identify the unsecure device settings with the secure option for fixing them in the ultimate way. This App ultimately guards you from the phishing attacks and keeps your phone secure to the highest extent.

Cleaning Process:

To improve the Performance of your phone, the Phone Security – Antivirus & Clean App monitors the complete battery consumption with enabling the power saving aspects. It is convenient to kills the background tasks and processes that could easily slow down your phone. It is much more easier to Keep track of your mobile data plan usage. High end Memory clean features are enabled in the app so that it would clear any kind of useless background applications for making the phone run smoother. Optimize storage space both the internal and SD card in the most secure way.

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