Friday 22 September 2017
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Mileage of a Used Car: How to Calculate and Improve

Anybody who has ever tried to buy a used car has always questioned the mileage of the car. Higher mileage always encourages the buyers to purchase the car. However, you never know if the mileage claimed by the seller is dealer is correct or not. So here are a few tricks to find out the mileage of used Ford EcoSport in Bangalore.

How to Calculate Mileage

Start with filling up the fuel tank to the full and setting the number counter on zero. Drive around the car until it has reached half tank. Once it reaches half tank fill it up again and see how many litres of petrol or diesel the full tank takes in before it reaches full. Then divide the number of kilometres registered on the counter with the number of litres added to the tank. This will give you the correct mileage.

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You can also get workshops to calculate the mileage and give you a detailed mileage report. These are charged services and you may have to keep the car in the workshop for a few days for the report to be generated.

Tips to Improve the Mileage

  • Drive the car with optimal tyre pressure for better fuel efficiency.
  • Drive the car as smoothly as possible. Speedy acceleration or sudden brakes can hurt the mileage.
  • If you are in the habit of making frequent shorter trips then try to combine them into one longer trip which will be more fuel efficient.
  • Drive the car with windows rolled up. This will reduce the wind’s drag on the car which will in turn improve fuel efficiency.
  • Drive in top gear as much as possible. Cars consume more fuel when driven in lower gears.
  • Keep the car as light as possible.


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