Friday 22 September 2017
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Learn to play Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go was been one the most popular and most talked game of 2016. Catch out the Pokémon Go tutorial and learn to play the game in the best way. The player is awarded experience points (XP) with will help the players to level up. The Real-World location is the Pokémon stop.

Here’s how to play Pokémon go.

It is extremely, all you have to do is to select an avatar and some around your locality using your smartphone. The augmented reality game, Pokémon go gives the player a real-world location and movement on-screen.

First of all, you need to install the game on your smartphone from play store or app store and customize your avatar.

After installing the game on your phone, the next step is to register an account. Once you have registered, just log into your account and there will be an instruction to select your first Pokémon.  The game gives you the classic starter Pokémon Pikachu. You can take Pikachu as your first Pokémon.

Now you will come to point of catching your first Pokémon. When you engage in a battle, the app launches your camera and overlays the Pokémon in front of the camera giving you the illusion of getting the Pokémon in the real world. Well, you can turn off the augmented reality feature by clicking on the AR on the screen and to catch the Pokémon you simply have to throw the PokeBalls in the Swipe Up motion on the screen in flicking motion. Throw your ball at the largest point to make your Pokémon catch easier.

Pokémon Go was released with 151 first generation Pokémon.

The players and the trainers have already spotted most of the Pokémon, there are still some rare ones to be caught. The Combat Power measures the strength of the Pokémon.Different Pokémon are found at different locations.

You can also evolve your Pokémon after you have a specific number of respective candies to evolve your Pokémon.

At level 5, you need to choose your team. For many actions like catching Pokémon, evolving Pokémon and others you need to have trainer experience points. You can even collect Pokémon by hatching their eggs.

The tracking tool of the map will help you to locate the Pokémon but this feature does not seem easy to used by the the players are supposed to use the hunt and trail method to catch the Pokémon. Instance and Lure Modules can also support to collect Pokémon.

You can increase your Pokémon’s ability by using Power up and Evolve options.

You can even purchase items by suing PokeCoins.  You can purchase PokeCoins using real money from stores or you can get it for free by conquering gyms within the assigned period.

Gym fights are very important since it charged the players with XP, PokeCoins and some serious bragging rights for tackling the gym leaders.

Well you are ready now to get out there and catch Pokémon.

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