Friday 22 September 2017
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Importance of a domain

Domain is used to identify the URL or IP address of your website. It represents both the IP address as well as name of your website or company or business. Domain is necessary to mark your presence over the internet. There are many companies which can help you in registering your domain name. You can also buy a used domain mane which is currently not active or expired from a very long time. CBD cannabis is also a domain which was registered a long ago and is currently available for sale. Google is a domain company which can generate a domain for you. But according to legal laws, Google does not support the companies which are registering their domains for the sale of cannabis. Google will not allow any hemp and CBD domain names in their database. You will only get to use those domain which are expired or either inactive from long time.

Increased Credibility: You must register your domain name similar to your business name. Having the same business name as well as domain name can increase your credibility. Those people who are looking for your website can easily search you on the internet using your company name. The company name will match with the domain name and your website will be displayed on the top position of search engine result. Also having the same domain and business name will make your website more professional.

Increased uniqueness: A domain name also increases the uniqueness of your business. Domain names are always unique. You will not find two different websites with a same domain name. Domain name is like your identity proof. It can tell you about everything but will always be remain unique. Just like there can never be two same people with same details in the world. The identity of every person is unique and that makes then differ from one another.

Brand building: A domain name also builds your brand. A domain name increases your brand awareness among the people on the internet. If your domain name will be similar to the name of your company then your customers can easily remember the website and the name of your company. You can easily tell your friends about your company and website, and then your friends will tell their friends about your business name and website and so on. This will certainly build your brand presence over the internet.

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