Friday 22 September 2017
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GWC Valve USA: Email &WordPress

The GWC Valve USA team should lean towards using email and WordPress since there are several advantages when using these for their business. When it comes to email marketing, it is free and easy to customize any messages to different clients whether it is a business or a consumer. It is much easier to send emails since usually they will get read the day of or the day after rather than sending direct mail, the customers will only receive this at a later date. When it comes to WordPress, this is a free site where any individual or business can build their personal or company site for free.

When it comes to email, there are several advantages such as it is extremely reliable, it is a convenient way to reach your audience, it is very fast to send a message and receive input on it right away, there is a global reach to email marketing and it is still free to send an email anywhere around the world, there is a generality meaning you don’t have to customize it like you do for direct mail, it is inexpensive, and emails are also printable if needed. There are also several disadvantages to emails such as forgery, it is super easy to sign onto someone’s email, there can be email overloads, a misdirection, it can go into the junk or spam, and there can be no response meaning a purchase or a site visit.

When it comes to WordPress, this is a free web-based software application to create and maintain your site. The benefits of WordPress are that is it free, easy to use, you are in control, there is a huge support community and there are search engine advantages. When you are creating your site, it is important to first have your content, then create your pages, set up a homepage, pick a theme to use and finally create your menus. Both of these tools are great for any company to get started and grow their business including their customers.

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