Friday 22 September 2017
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Enjoy sharing different types of Whatsapp images and video

Whatsapp has now become one of the most used applications in this world. Whatsapp has changed the world of messaging and also come as a boon for those who love to chat with their friends. This is a free messaging app which can be easily installed from the internet. This application runs on the mobile and in order to run this application you need an internet connection and then you need to register your mobile number and that’s it. After this, you can enjoy the chat with your friends who are on the Whatsapp.

As you read it earlier this a very easy to use app which completely changes the world of messaging because in the instant messaging app you get many exciting features which you hardly get on other apps. In this app, along with chat you also get an option of image and video sharing, video and audio calling and one of the best features of this is that you can also express your emotion through different types of emojis.

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Sharing and receiving of video in this app is very easy almost million of videos and images can be shared in a day. If you are using this app and get bored to view that same type of Whatsapp videos and images again and again, then it is good for you to go to Whatsapp Bilder. In this site you can get to enjoy many amazing videos along with funny images.

In these sites you can get an option to choose the videos from the different categories such as funny videos, Christmas videos, brutal videos, sports videos and many more. You can view and share the video from the site only you don’t need to download. Along with the videos you also get an option of images which is also available in different categories such as love pictures, sports images, profile pictures and many more.

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