Friday 22 September 2017
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Enjoy a virtual cinema theater anywhere: a short review

Nowadays, No one has a time to enjoy their life they all are so busy in achieving there dreams. Well, as you know, movies are one of the major sources when it comes to entertainment. If you love watching movie but don’t have to time to visit theater then don’t worry you can download latest and one of the best movie streaming apps VU Cinema. It is a great solution of your problems; you can download this app from any app store for free. This app has lots of features that you should know, well for informing you more about the related topic here are some major points that you should consider.

The features of the app:-

VU Cinema has so many things to offer you. It’s more like a virtual cinema theater where you can enjoy your movies in 3D. This app brings the whole cinema’s world in your mobile. You can enjoy your movies anywhere and anytime that means there is no boundation of timing. Other than that this app is fast, easy and user friendly that allows you to stream your movies without facing any kind of trouble. Here are some bullet points for highlighting the key features of the app.

  • its PRO version supports almost every format like mp4,avi,3gp, etc
  • VU Cinema allows you to enjoy the real feel of cinema hall where you control everything from the control panel
  • It supports 3D as well as HD format videos
  • You can even control the quality of your videos
  • Get everything in just one click with play, pause and subtitle options
  • You can select your own seat.
  • Play your own videos or stream anything from YouTube
  • Voice search controller
  • Enjoy your movies without worrying about time or advertisements.

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