Friday 22 September 2017
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Crack the Code of ATS Software to Land That Interview!

Did you know that before a recruiter looks at your resume, it will most likely be screened by an applicant tracking system (ATS)? This means that in order to make the cut to the first round of selection, you need to tailor your resume to pass an automated system. There is no single formula that is guaranteed to get your resume to rank high, but using desired keywords can increase your chances of ranking high.

Why use an applicant tracking system?

ATS software saves your potential recruiter’s time by sifting through resumes to find only the candidates who are right for the job. The system also keeps recruiters organized by storing all the submitted resumes in one system so nothing is lost. More and more companies are using these systems in order to cut down the hassle of flipping through multiple stacks of paper resumes.

How does ATS software work?

When you submit your resume, it enters a database that is connected to an automated search system. The agency then searches for a keyword that pertains to anything they desire for a position, for example, “A+ certified”. If your resume contains the keyword, then yours will rank higher in a list of results. Your resume then may be selected for human screening, which is the first step to getting that interview.

How can I get my resume to pass?

The old adage of knowing the business you want to work for remains timeless advice. By knowing the business and position you desire, do your best to anticipate the keywords potential employers will want. For example, if you want to be a computer programmer, using the keyword “computer programmer” in your resume several times will help. If you are looking for a position in retail, inserting keywords like “retail” and “customer service” are advisable. You can even research the job description and use some of the position’s specific keywords into your resume.

What else can I do to increase my chances?

You should make sure that your resume is free from grammatical errors and that you have the required skills for the job. Be concise, professional, and get rid of the fluff that recruiters don’t want to read. Also, it is inevitable that your potential employer will do a search for your online presence. Make sure your social media accounts are squeaky-clean and professional. Un-tag photos of yourself that may not give your employers the best first impression. Update your skills, experience, and education on your Linkedin account to look as qualified as possible.

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