Friday 22 September 2017
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Common problems running your own IT department

There are lots of problems when you’re a small to medium sized company handling and preserving ever more significant and growing IT services needs. The clear ones are a couple of the most important things to any company: money and time.

Not merely does it take someone away from their normal responsibilities, but they may not even have the required skills to solve the issue whatsoever.

This could cause a potential long period of downtime for your staff, and your business may grind to a halt. In addition, the person or team responsible for solving the issue may lose precious data and may make it worse let alone prolong the downtime and and make the problem more difficult to solve.

Just making sure your email is running smoothly can be a huge disruption when something goes wrong. Making sure your web router is working right or including a brand new computer to your network can unexpectedly be a burden. Simple things like the sole person capable to do this is on holiday is likely to make the issue worse leading to more lost time.

And what is time? Time also means money. This has to be true for most companies so lets look at the financial losses that may be entailed.

At some point, your system will have to grow with your business, or your demands on your present IT solution will end up more important and need more management. This can normally lead to applying a fresh member of staff dedicated to the task and this means using up more of the two most valuable things your business has: time and more money.

The knock on effects can be enormous, if when something does go wrong you have to have at least one individual or a team to keep things running smoothly. Picture losing some customers data, a quote or not having the ability to supply the services you advertise? What will your clients and potential customers think of you and and what will they do? What would you do if you were dealing with a business who could not deliver what you were paying for?

The loss in terms of earnings could be huge, this really is evident. For small to medium sized businesses this is issue and an extremely common scenario.

So what are the solutions? Well the one that is the most economical and easiest to execute is to outsource your IT to a company that is committed. Either part of it, or all of it, depending on your own set up and conditions. You could utilise a dedicated IT company to consult with you on what you need to be using or how best to enlarge. Or you also can lease a server from them, use them to handle your e-mail or even your web requirements.

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