Friday 22 September 2017
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A hacker to change your grades

If you have been terribly failing and want your grades to change from F to A then you do not need a magic wand. You need a hacker to change grade. That’s not it. If you have a girl friend or a boyfriend or a really good friend then his or her marks improve too and just imagine the fun of reducing the marks of someone who you do not like.

We could hack into your professors account and have a look at the test papers and sell the answers for a certain affordable fee.

All one needs when hacking into a professors account is a device which is easily available in the market and which can be installed inside a keyboard. The hindrance in this transgression is the Apple made keyboards which make it pretty tough to install keystroke loggers.

The misdemeanor will go undetected unless someone physically spots us in the middle of the act.

But it’snot as simple as it sounds and we have to be careful not to change the password at any cost which will make it obvious that some foul play has taken place and when we are using our own computers to hack then masking the IP address becomes important. Moreover do not straight away ask us to change the grade from F to A because it again becomes obvious. The key is subtlety.

On the whole it is easy to make colleges and universities a target because they work on the philosophy that the environment should be open and of trust. Most colleges and universities do not even use a cyber securitysoftware anddo not spend money on IT experts.

You can hire us if you are planning to hire a hacker to change university grades because we know how to cover our tracks and strictly recommend that you do not go about the hacking business on your own because if you get caught then that could mean charges of computer trespass, using a computer in an unauthorized fashion, forgery, computer tampering and this could mean jail time so please do not put yourself up for the risk and hire us.

We charge lesser than most hackers out there and infact we charge half the amount charged by another hacker. Even then we do understand that the costs are high and in hundreds of dollars but even you ought to appreciate that we are taking all the risk involved on ourselves and you just need to pay and relax and enjoy the time and gear up for a good job if the grades we just changed are for your last and final term of college and we will go ahead and get ready to make sure we do not get caught. Point is even if you spend a couple of hundred dollars then that is nothing in comparison to the value of money that you get in the form of happy parents, impressed rivals and a big job. That’s it! Time to hire us and changing your grades.

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