Friday 22 September 2017
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7 SEO Tactics That Work

There is a misconception that by putting up an attractive and catchy website is all that you need to have organic traffic flow to your site as if to create an f traffic jam. But alas, the truth is far from it.

The flow is not automatic, but it has to be guided, persuaded or even cajoled. Kindly visit to know more about SEO Tactics That Work.

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SEO has to be organised in such a way that the return on investment (ROI) is met with. A few guidelines in SEO tactics are:

  1. Content

The search Engine algorithm does play a significant influence. The link reference plays an important role which can lead to a better brand exposure.  Good content will attract people

  1. Co-Citation Links

When your website is coming to the attention of the prospective buyer, there should be some incentive for him to choose you over the competitor. You should add a niche to the site.

  1. Editorial Links

This is the most powerful tool to make your website stand out. It could be a link from the blogs you have created or guest post for that matter. It has to hit the bull

  1. Broken Link-Building

The publishers and visitors would relish this sort of a puzzle in filling the gap or building the broken link. But the attraction would lie on the content. You may contact the webmasters for the broken link site you found out.

  1. Link Reclamation

This is helpful when you come across fresh leads and links and indulge the visitors in playing the puzzle indirectly. The infographic would be a real trendsetter. You may use Google alert.

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  1. Link Outreach

You can do reverse engineering by contacting a similar website.

  1. Competitor Analysis

This as the name suggest, you are already into. Expert SEO  is using all the above tactics successfully.


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